Argentum workbench

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Argentum workbench

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These workbenches can be placed in a row to form a common work area without gaps. The universal design allows you to equip the workplace with the necessary equipment and drawer units.
Available colors: light grey or dark grey
Table base size:
▪ 1200 x 700 mm
▪ 1200 x 900 mm
▪ 1500 x 700 mm
▪ 1500 x 900 mm
▪ 1800 x 700 mm
▪ 1800 x 900 mm
▪ Height adjustment: 650-950 mm
▪ Load capacity: 300 kg
▪ Heat resistance: 300°С

Main shelf

▪  Rear racks included.
▪  Depth: 300 mm or 400 mm
▪  Height adjustment: 1000-1800 mm
▪ Load capacity: 50 kg

Additional shelf (Maximum 2 pcs.)

▪ The main shelf must be installed.
▪  Depth: 300 mm or 400 mm
▪  Height adjustment: 1100 – 1800 mm
▪ Load capacity: 50 kg

Power panel

▪  The basic configuration consists of 4 sockets with protective contacts placed in an aluminum case and a 3 m cable. The panel can be equipped with additional sockets, earth fault circuit breaker, automatic fuse and telephone jack.
▪ Nominal load capacity: 10 A
▪ Ground wire cross-section: 0.75 mm

Work table LED lighting

▪  The case of the lighting unit is made of aluminum, light direction control
▪ Available in 2 versions: 900 mm long (for 1200 mm wide workbench) and 1200 mm long (for 1500 mm and 1800 mm wide workbenches)

▪  Light source: LED lamps
▪ Luminous flux: 4725/6300 Lm
▪ Power input: 33/45 W
▪ Diffuser material: opal acrylic
▪  Adjustable height: 500-1500 mm

Local lighting under the shelf

▪  Additional local LED lighting can be installed on any workbench series, the main shelf and the perforated panel. Provides an even level of illumination. 120 degree angle adjustment.

Bin rail

▪  Aluminum rail for fixing the storage boxes placed along the length of the work table.
▪ Load capacity: 10 kg

Perforated panel

▪  The panel can be equipped with various holders to store additional equipment and tools.

Slanted shelf

▪  The angle adjustment ensures the comfort of the working tools.
▪ Load capacity: 50 kg


▪  Designed for easily accessible mounting of drawings, lighting and instruments. The bracket can be supplemented with the K L-1200 retracting mechanism.

Corner worktop

▪  Dimensions: 1200×500 mm

Set of workbench wheels

▪  It can be mounted on any AG workbench and makes it mobile.

Optional drawer units

▪  Storage solution for tools and parts, no need to place them on the floor.
▪  Hanging drawer units with standard and reduced depth to 490 mm. It allows you to install various additional equipment under the table top.
The drawer unit can be placed on the left or right side.
▪ 23 cm high drawer unit
▪ Shortened 23 cm high drawer unit
▪ 35 cm high drawer unit
Shortened 35 cm high drawer unit

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