Corstat Cortronic divider system for CSC boxes

Cortronic dissipative cardboard box (TCP)
Cortronic dissipative cardboard box lid (CSCD)

Corstat Cortronic divider system for CSC boxes

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▪For the individual division of storage boxes
▪Can be adjusted to any size
▪Simple compartment formation
▪Stable design
▪ Abrasion-resistant and moisture-resistant cardboard
▪ Corrosion resistant
▪ Can be recycled

Technical note: Conventional paper and cardboard dries out and becomes insulating at less than 25% relative humidity. Therefore, only substances that have been treated as having a dissipative effect can be used in the EPA!

Electrical properties

▪ Standard: IEC 61340-5-1
▪ Surface resistance (Rs), outer layer: 1078 Ω

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