ESD field guard including RS485 interface and relay signal connection

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ESD field guard including RS485 interface and relay signal connection

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The device contains a measuring electrode in the form of a metal plate, which is connected to an amplifier circuit. If an object with a significant electrostatic potential moves through the detection area of ​​the sensor plate, the influence of the electrostatic field emanating from the potential leads to a charge transfer in the amplifier circuit.
The device electronics can thus record the charge displacement as a current. If the set threshold value is exceeded, this can be signaled optically. The switching signal can be picked up via a relay interface. Both the switching status and measured values ​​can be output via an RS485 interface.

The RS485 interface can be used as a variable source of information.
The application can range from optical signaling in the form of a traffic light to an EDP system.


The contents of the packaging include:

▪  Operating instructions
▪  ESD Field Guard
▪  A wall bracket
▪  A 12 V power supply unit, type Friwo FW8000M/12
▪  Optionally, a grounding device to establish functional equipotential bonding


Technical Properties

▪  Power supply: 12V DC ±5%, 1A, only with plug-in power pack type Friwo FW8000M/12
▪  Power supply LPS: Limited power supply (limited to < 100 watts)
▪  Nominal power consumption: approx. 5 watts – depending on the signalling
▪  Maximum power consumption: 12 watts
▪  Data output: RS485 with 38400 baud
▪  Switching output: Signal plug-in connection, Potential-free changeover contact (max. 24V, max. 0.5A ohmic load)
▪  Display / signaling: Colored RGB high-performance panel
▪  Operating elements: rotary push selector / display 2×16 characters
▪  Type of installation: Vertical / wall device with wall bracket
▪  Functional equipotential bonding: Possible via 4mm socket on the device, internally connected directly to GND
▪  Measuring range field strength change: ΔE up to ± 1500 V/m at distance D=1m
▪  Tolerance: Typically ± 20%
▪  ESD sensitivity device: 4/8 KV (EN 61000-4-2)
▪  Service life: Typically 5 years, depending on the operating conditions

Operating temperature (min/max °C)

▪  Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
▪  Relative humidity: 20 ~ 90% rH, non-condensing
▪  Altitude: up to 2000m


▪  Dimensions: 265x160x58mm
▪  Weight: about 560g

Order information
▪  02-0502-00003 Ground bonding point, 2 x 10 mm snap fastener and 1 x 4 mm banana plug