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NS ESD Accessories

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Standard power panels can be equipped with a number of additional units.

The aluminum rail can be installed on any available wall space to hold attached storage bins. Maximum length 3 m, width 95 mm.

Additional lighting can be mounted under the main shelf or attached to a perforated panel. Suitable for any workbench equipped with upper modules. Angle adjustment ±60° or 80° depending on the type of workbench.

Order information

  • NS.4.42 Single sockets with grounding
  • NS.4.11 USB double charging socket
  • NS.4.43 Double RJ 45 socket cat. 6UTP
  • NS.4.44 RJ-11 telephone socket
  • NS.4.45 10 The automatic fuse
  • NS.4.46 16 The automatic fuse
  • NS.4.47 25 The automatic fuse
  • NS.4.48 Circuit breaker 16А/0.01A
  • NS.4.49 Circuit breaker 25А/0.01A
  • NS. Bin rails
  • NS.1.11 Lighting width: 600 mm, Dmmer: –
  • NS.1.12 Lighting width: 900 mm, Dmmer: –
  • NS.1.17 Lighting width: 600 mm, Dmmer: +
  • NS.1.18 Lighting width: 900 mm, Dmmer: +
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