Zirconium workbench

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Zirconium workbench

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These workbenches have advanced ergonomic features.
Available colors: light gray or dark gray.
Table base size:
▪ 1200 x 700 mm
▪ 1500 x 700 mm
▪ 1800 x 700 mm
▪ Height adjustment: 800-950 mm
▪ Load capacity: 200 kg
▪ Heat resistance: 300°С

Main shelf

▪ Rear racks included.
▪ Depth: 300 mm or 400 mm
▪ Height adjustment: 1000-1850 mm
▪ Load capacity: 50 kg

Additional shelf (Maximum 2 pcs.)

▪ The main shelf must be installed.
▪ Depth: 300 mm or 400 mm
▪ Height adjustment: 1100 – 1800 mm
▪ Load capacity: 50 kg

Power panel (½ power supply)

▪ The basic configuration consists of 4 sockets with protective contacts placed in an aluminum case and a 3 m cable. The panel can be equipped with additional sockets, earth fault circuit breaker, automatic fuse and telephone jack.
▪ Nominal load capacity: 10 A
▪ Grounding wire cross-section: 0.75 mm

Work table LED lighting

▪ The housing of the lighting unit is made of aluminum, with light direction control.
▪ In 2 versions: 900 mm long (for 1200 mm wide workbench) and 1200 mm long (for 1500 mm and 1800 mm wide workbenches).
▪ Light source: LED lamps
▪ Adjustable height: 500 mm – 1500 mm

Local lighting under the shelf

▪ Additional local LED lighting can be installed on any workbench series, the main shelf and the perforated panel. Provides an even level of illumination.
▪ 80 degree angle adjustment.
▪ 600 or 900 mm long.

Bin rail (½ Bin rail)

Aluminum rail for fixing the storage boxes along the length of the work table.
▪ Load capacity: 10 kg

Perforated panel (½ perforated panel)

▪ The panel can be equipped with various holders for storing additional equipment and tools.

Slanted shelf

▪ The angle adjustment ensures the comfort of the work tools.
▪ Load capacity: 50 kg


▪ Designed for easily accessible mounting of drawings, lighting and instruments. The IP bracket can also be equipped with the K L-1200 retracting mechanism.

Additional bottom bar

▪ Provides increased stability and rigidity to the work table.

Corner worktop

▪ Dimensions: 1200×500 mm

Optional drawer units

▪ Storage solution for tools and parts, no need to place them on the floor.
▪ Hanging drawers reduced to 490 mm. It allows you to install various additional equipment under the table top.
▪ The drawer unit can be placed on the left or right side.
▪ 23 cm high drawer unit
▪ Shortened 23 cm high drawer unit
▪ 35 cm high drawer unit
▪ Shortened 35 cm high drawer unit

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