Stat-X Group

Today’s electronics place high demands on the production environment. Since 2001, the Stat-X Group has been actively involved in uncontrolled electrostatic discharge protection across Europe. In order to ensure the functionality of sensitive electronics, protection measures against electrostatic discharge according to the IEC 61340 standard must be taken during the production of ESD sensitive components and groups (ESDS). ESD clothing, complete ESD workstations, ESD packaging and logistics solutions are used.

Stat-X’s “Build on Knowledge” motto underlines our commitment to the selection and application of ESD products. In results-oriented consulting, we carefully consider reasonable and unnecessary measures and help build a consistent, independent ESD protection chain with our competitively priced, high-quality products. We focus on quality and adherence to the standard. We ensure that our products are produced in accordance with ecological principles and ethical conditions.

You can find our standard products on the Product Database tab or contact us to offer a solution with your unique needs in mind.


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