02-0206-05811 ESD floor wax

ICSC-32-ESD I.C. workplace cleaner, 32 oz, 0.946 L
05-0106-07001 Hand lotion

02-0206-05811 ESD floor wax

This conductive floor wax is especially suitable for dissipating insulating floors such as PVC, rubber, linoleum, laminate flooring and parquet. The point-to-point resistance, measured according to IEC 61340-4-1 standard, remains in the range of 107-109 Ω after the application of the wax (Low charge property in persons who wear ESD shoes on the treated surface). Silky, glossy surface, cost-effective, easy problem solving, easy, quick application, with commonly available tools (e.g. mop). Regular, use-dependent after-treatment is required.

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•  Application
1. Thoroughly clean the floor with a basic detergent. Repeat the process if necessary, until all old care-layers have completely disappeared.
2. Apply ESD floor wax twice evenly with a mop (approximately 40m² per liter).
3. Wait for the floor to dry completely (finger test). The drying time depends on the room temperature, the relative humidity and the absorbency of the subsoil.
4. The floor must then be polished to a strip-free surface with a polishing machine (speed approx. 1000 rpm, using a soft polishing head).
5. For normal, such as weekly maintenance cleaning, add 5% ESD floor wax to the last clean rinse water.
6. After thorough cleaning, continue with steps 1-4. described in points.
•  Coverage: approx. 1 liter / 40m²
•  Shelf life: approx. In a closed container for 2 years
•  Capacity: 5 liters
•  Note: Store in a frost-free place

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▪  02-0206-05811 ESD floor wax, 5 l bottle

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