05-0101-0555S Vacuum cleaner, 880 W

WL27253 EREM 249CER Heat resistant ESD tweezers ceramic tip
05-0101-0888S Cleanroom vacuum cleaner, 1100 W

05-0101-0555S Vacuum cleaner, 880 W

Special service- and EPA vacuum cleaner and blower (BlowVac) to remove dust and debris from electronic equipment and eliminate static charge. We recommend it for telecommunications, office equipment, scientific, medical and electronics manufacturing where the highest degree of ESD protection is required.

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▪  “BlowVac” = blower and vacuum cleaner in one!
▪  No need for a separate carrying case.
▪  Exceptional blowing and suction power due to high motor efficiency.
▪  The vacuum cleaner is ESD-proof from the end of the suction pipe to earth
▪  Fully EPA-proof in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1.
▪  With the highest quality electronic components for the highest reliability.
▪  Equipped with thermal cut-out and AFI / EMC filter.
▪  Durable compact vacuum cleaner housing.
▪  EPA vacuum hose that can be extended to 130 cm.
▪  EPA hard aspirator and soft rubber nozzle.
▪  Leather with shoulder strap
▪  With special 1.2 liter multi-layer dust bag.
▪  With advanced 5-stage (pre-motor) filter system.
▪  Rewindable, high quality 3 meter cable set.


▪  Material: The housing is permanently dissipative 107 -108 Ω
▪  Dimensions:
Length: 31.5 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 18.5 cm
▪  Weight: 2.2 kg (device only)
▪  Capacity: approx. 1 liter
▪  Power: max. 880 W
▪  Max suction power: 160 mbar
▪  Power supply: 3 m long cable
▪  Power supply:
100V / 120V / 220-240V
50/60 Hz versions
▪  Operating noise: 72 decibels (dB)

Order information

▪  05-0101-0555S Vacuum cleaner, 880 W 555-S
▪  05-0101-555SE Vacuum cleaner with 880 W 555-SE controller

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