Artra ARICA 6207 Air 1010 S1 P ESD
Grey, women ESD polo-shirt, short sleeves


Kérje ajánlatunkat!

Tube scarf to minimize the risk of catching the flu at work.
Loosely hanging clothing can become charged due to friction, including ESD clothing, depending on temperature and material composition. In the EPA, potentials greater than 2 kV must be kept at a distance greater than 30 cm from the ESDS. In daily practice, electrostatic fields higher than 5 kV/cm have been measured on scarves.


▪ 96% cotton, 4% conductive yarn
▪ ESD marking
▪ Color: black

Handling instructions

Machine washable at 40°C

Electrical properties

▪ Standard: MSZ EN 61340-4-9
▪ Typical value: 8×107Ω

Order information

▪ 911000 000078 Black, ESD tube scarf, universal size

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