Contamination control mat, self-installing version

TMW Sticky mat, 450 x 1125 mm, white
Floor cleaner for contamination control mats

Contamination control mat, self-installing version

A good contamination control mat is essential for reliable cleaning of critical areas.

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The reference list includes leading companies in the healthcare, electronics, automotive, food, consumer goods and other critical industries.
The self-installing version of the contamination control floor is a high-performance, antimicrobial, loose-lying mat that offers the same benefits as a standard sticky mat, but it is not necessary for a qualified colleague to install.
Where to use
•  Suitable for places where long-term adhesion of the floor is not possible, such as raised floors, tiles or construction sites.
•  At pedestrian entrances to critical areas to prevent contamination.
•  At pedestrian exits to prevent contamination when leaving the critical area.
•  In indoor airlocks, changing rooms, air showers and material transfer areas to control and retain contamination.
•  In the hallway to prevent cross-contamination.
•  Within the areas surrounding critical products and processes.
Key features
•  The carpets were prepared for laying: they were glued to a 1.58 mm thick insulating membrane and edged to the floor material by cold welding, ensuring a strong bond throughout the life cycle of the floor.
•  The underside of the carpet is a moisture-resistant, impermeable vinyl layer that is non-absorbent and consists of several layers to minimize the penetration of the substrate and maintain the rigidity of the carpet.
•  Available in a wide range of colors to color-code the critical areas and mark boundaries between clean and dirty areas.
•  We provide a 12-month warranty on the product from the date of installation.
Key benefits
▪  Reduces the number of particles on the floors (up to 99.9%) and airborne particles (up to 75%) in critical areas.
▪  A long-lasting, cost-effective solution compared to “disposable” mats and other alternatives.
▪  Reduced microbial count thanks to Biomaster, a high performance antimicrobial additive in all of our floor mats.
▪  Easy to clean, maintain and integrate into existing standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Order information

▪ CZ01FS1220XX CZ01 Floating Floor System, 1.2 m × 2 m
▪ CZ01FS2030XX CZ01 Floating Floor System, 2.0 m x 3.0 m

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