Contamination control mat

TMU Sticky mat, 600 x 900 mm, blue
TMW Sticky mat, 450 x 1125 mm, white

Contamination control mat

A good contamination control mat is essential for reliable cleaning of critical areas.

Kérje ajánlatunkat!

The reference list includes leading companies of healthcare, electronics, automotive, food, consumer goods and other critical industries.
With our trained specialists, we also provide continuous follow-up services from the on-site survey to the installation.
Advantages of the  contamination control mats system:
• Effective: Removes 99.9% of dirt on footwear soles and wheels
• Long-term solution
• Excellent performance
• Size: can be customized and installed as desired
• The only solution to keep heavy wheeled traffic clean
• Environmentally friendly: single installation, no continuously generated waste, as with multi-layer sticky mats, recyclable at the end of life
• 12 months warranty (if used as intended)
• Lower total cost compared to multi-layer sticky mats
• Documented post-installation and lifetime documented performance monitoring measurements that can be integrated into your audit process.
When using a custom sticky mat, approx. 73% of the dirt gets into the critical area.
When using several sticky mats, approx. 20%  of the dirt gets into the critical area.
Using a  contamination control mat, less than 0.01% of the dirt enters the critical area.

Order information

• CZ01 CleanZone contamination control mat
• CZ02 WorkZone contamination control mat

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