GL01 ESD nitrile gloves, white

ESD203 zipped sweater, pocket
GL10 Gloves with smooth palm

GL01 ESD nitrile gloves, white

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▪  Wide range of applications, even for laboratory work, electronics industry, healthcare.
▪  Protective gloves against chemicals: for the treatment of greases, oils, paints, varnishes, cleaning and polishing agents, synthetic resins, adhesives and pesticides.
▪  Liquid barrier nitrile material
▪  Phthalates, silicone, powder and latex free
▪  Color: white
▪  Elongation: 400-500%
▪  Size:
S: glove length: 290 mm ± 20 mm
palm width: 80 mm ± 10 mm
M: glove length: 290 mm ± 20 mm
palm width: 95 mm ± 10 mm
L: glove length: 290 mm ± 20 mm
palm width: 110 mm ± 10 mm
Warning: Gloves do not provide adequate protection against many chemicals. It is the responsibility of the end user to select and test the appropriate gloves for their application. If you work with substances that are harmful to the skin, be sure to check the gloves for holes and tears before use.

Electrical properties
▪ Resistance: 8 x 107Ω

Order information
▪ GL01-S nitrile gloves, white, size: S, Pack = 100 pairs
▪ GL01-M nitrile gloves, white, size: M, Pack = 100 pairs
▪ GL01-L nitrile gloves, white, size: L, Pack = 100 pairs