Metriso B530 test kit

TE3600 TERA Ohmmeter
TF-530 temperature and humidity meter

Metriso B530 test kit

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▪  Suitable for measuring point-to-point resistance
▪  Operation: battery operated
▪  In set with 2 measuring electrodes and carrying case
▪  Complies with:
IEC 61340-4-1
IEC 61340-2-3
IEC 61340-4-5


▪  Test voltage/test current:
Ohmic range: 1mA ≤ I ≤ 1,3 mA
High ohmic range: DC 10 volts, 100 volts and 500 volts
▪  Test range:
Low ohmic range: 1 to 10 kOhm
High ohmic range: 1 kOhm to 199 GOhm
▪  Set contains:
Digital high resistance meter
2 x probes Model 870 with conductive rubber (grey) and extension
a hand-held probe with connecting cable
calibration certificate
conductive carrying case fitted with dissipative pink foam
hand book: German/English/French

Order information

▪  Q7100.B530.MK Metriso B530 test kit with 2 probes and bags

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