P18 Tweezers
SX-CND / P3C-ESD Plastic ESD tweezers

P19 Tweezers

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Suitable for precision work in the electronics industry.
▪  High quality stainless steel tweezers
▪  User-friendly design for use in the following areas: electronics, fine mechanics, laboratory, SMD technology, series production, service work, assemblies
▪  Available in two versions: Standard “P” and ESD plastic interchangeable head “Q”
▪  Tip design: stable / flat, tweezers size (length, width): 125 mm, 10 mm, tip size (length, width): 22 mm, 2.3 mm
Electrical properties
▪  Resistance to ground (Rg): <1 x 104 Ω
Order information
▪  951900 000010 P19 Tweezers Q4