PGT120 personal grounding tester with stainless shoe-electrode

TF-530 temperature and humidity meter
PGT120.SM Footwear electrode for PGT120

PGT120 personal grounding tester with stainless shoe-electrode

Wrist strap- and foot wear tester for accessing the EPA area.

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▪  The test result is indicated with audible and visual signals
▪  Can be connected to a door opening system
▪  Internal battery or external power supply unit
▪  Wrist strap, right and left shoe testing is simultaneously possible by separate measuring circuits
▪  In combination with a barrier gate, the footwear measurement can be performed in series without pressing a button
▪  Lower limit disabling is possible
▪  The unit can be used on bench tops or as a wall mounted unit (with a wall mounting plate)


▪  PGT120 measures: 150 x 200 x 65 mm
▪ Shoe electrode measures: 350 x 500 x 8 mm
▪ Requested calibration frequency: in every 2 years
▪ Certificate: CE
Measuring range / test voltage (IEC 61340-5-1)
Wrist strap / coil cord: 750 kΩ – 35 kΩ
Footwear worn on metal plate (values for each shoe): (100 kΩ*) – 35 MΩ or (100 kΩ*) –70 MΩ *lower limit can be disabled
Footwear in series: 140 MΩ or 70 MΩ (both shoes in series)
Test voltage (without load): 100 V/DC changeable to 50V or 30 V
Package includes
▪  PGT120 personal grounding tester
▪  Footwear electrode
▪  Power supply 240 V AC
▪  9 V battery
▪  Manual and calibration certificate (German/English)

Order information

▪  04-0201-10012 PGT120 personal grounding tester with stainless shoe-electrode
Available accessories:
▪  PGT120.WK Wall mount
▪  PGT120.CU Calibration unit
▪  PGT120.SM Mat for footwear electrode, with yellow bevelled edges
04-0201-20100 Universal stand for wrist strap and shoe tester

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