Vacuum packaging machine

LML60100 sealing label, trilingual
SX10 Dissipative tubular film

Vacuum packaging machine

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▪  Compressed air vacuum packaging machine
▪  Strong suction power and low energy consumption
▪  Direct vacuum packaging method: use of the tube avoids damage, static charge and oxidation
▪  In case of malfunction, error message on the LCD display
▪  Stable power supply using DC 24V, high durability and stability thanks to the hard-coated welding rod


▪  Display: Effective control thanks to the wide (4-line) display.
Shows the temperature of the heating element.
▪  Body assembly: post-weld polish
▪  Safety sensor: stable use thanks to the micro-sensor
▪  Memory function: 5 memory buttons
▪  Gas filling: standard
▪  Gas filling and replacement: vacuum four times and fill three times with gas
▪  Counter function: standard and backward counting function
▪  Polishing treatment: all polished (body + stand)
▪  Key lock: standard
▪  Self-diagnosis: standard
▪  Car suction cup: standard (indication on the display)
▪  Emergency stop: standard
▪  Power supply: Stable using DC 24V
▪  A / S: easy to repair thanks to the modular part
▪  Type: air and electric motor type
Options: double gas purge, long suction cup, various racks, welding rod

Order information

Model number Welding width (mm)
▪  SX-450E 450
▪  SX-500E 500
▪  SX-600E 600
▪  SX-800E 800

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