WL7 Disposable wrist strap

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WL7 Disposable wrist strap

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Disposable wrist strap provides static protection and is ideal for those who only need wrist strap protection for a short time
▪ Immediate electrostatic protection
▪ Excellent for field work and installation of remote electronic equipment


▪ PP strap: White non-conductive polypropylene strap 150 cm (H) x 2.5 cm (Sz)
▪ Copper foil: Conductive, size: 7.5 cm (H) x 2.5 cm (Sz) x 0.03 cm (V)
▪ PE-strap: Black, electrostatically dissipative, size: 150 cm (H) x 1.0 cm (Sz), resistor: 105
▪ Size: One size
▪ Packing: Single

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▪ 01-0104-00001 WL7 Disposable wrist strap

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