FCL10 ESD Floor cleaner

ESD T-shirt, grey
F1010U Fabric wrist band with grounding cord, 10 mm – 10 mm snap

FCL10 ESD Floor cleaner

Kérje ajánlatunkat!

•  Specially developed for cleaning ESD floors
•  Its use does not damage the dissipative properties of the surfaces
•  Allows trouble-free cleaning of standard floors
•  Registered in UBA 38740001 number with the German environmental authority

Instructions for use:
1. Mix 0,5 deciliters of ESD floor cleaner for 10 liters of tap water
2. Suitable for both manual and machine floor cleaning
3. Daily use is recommended
4. Use without dilution for heavier soils
5. For stubborn dirt, first remove the dirt with a suitable special cleaner and then clean the surface with the ESD floor cleaner.

Other informations:
• Dilution ratio: approx. 1:200 (ESD floor cleaner / water)
• Warranty: approx. 2 years in a sealed bottle
• 0,1 Liter is enogh for cleaning 100 m² floor surface
• pH: 8,5

Order information

▪  FCL5 05-0102-00004 Floor cleaner, 10 L bottle

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