TE1500-1 Access control system with integrated shoe ground tester

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TE1500-1 Access control system with integrated shoe ground tester

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Ideal standard equipment for seamless ESD protection.
▪  Shoe inspection according to IEC 61340-5-1 standard
▪  Two separate shoe electrodes
▪  Shoe electrodes are standard
▪  Fast reaction time (approx. 25 measurements per minute)
▪  Sound and light on LED display
▪  Automatically gives a free pass on the output side with a light pressure
▪  Escape route automatically released in case of power failure
Detailed information
The TE 1500-1 is an access control system with integrated ESD shoe controller, in accordance with the IEC61340-5-1 standard. It lets workers one at a time into the work area and ensures that they only get there with a working ESD shoe grounding. To pass through the entrance, the worker must step on the metal surface (one electrode per shoe) with both shoes and press the test button.
If both shoes are within the allowable limit, a large LED symbol on the gate changes from a red cross to a green arrow and the swivel arm opens. In case the measurement fails, the LED light remains red and the gate does not open.
Measurement limits
Both shoes are measured separately
750 kΩ ≤ corresponding ≤ 100 MΩ complies with IEC 61340-5-1 standard
To leave the EPA, it is enough to press the turnstile lightly (allows about 35 people to cross within 1 minute)


▪  Weight: 36 kg
▪  Dimensions: L x W x D 430 mm x 330 mm x 990 mm
▪  Swivel arm length: 500 mm
▪  Supply voltage: 230 V / AC

Order information

▪  940000 001500 TE 1500-1 Access control system with integrated shoe ground tester

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